Greenhouse Insurance aims to be a forward-thinking, honest company that provides you and your loved ones with ongoing value and unsurpassed expectations.

Our goal is to bring meaningful products and solutions directly to our customers by providing accessible options to help them protect their loved ones.

Our Products

Today we sell our products through an assortment of partners. If you have any questions we recommend you contact the partner from whom you purchased our product.

Please check out our FAQs for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy A Policy With You?

No. At this time we only sell our policies through one of our strategic partners.

Who are your Partners?

To avoid confusion, we do not share our list of partners.

Filing a Claim.

If you would prefer to file your claim through us instead of one of our partners from whom you purchased a policy, we would be happy to help.

First, we'll need to be informed of the death of the insured. Please email us at claims@getgreenhouse.com to notify us of your loss. Be sure to provide the policy owner's full name and the policy number, if you have it. We will then verify benefits and the proper beneficiaries. Beneficiaries must complete a claim form (which we will send to you upon notice of loss) and provide required documents as needed. Once all documents and forms are returned, we will review and keep you informed of progress. After review, the claim will either be processed or we will contact you for additional information or documentation.

Paying a Claim.

Proceeds will be paid as soon as all required documentation has been provided to us and we have completed a routine investigation. We will complete the investigation as quickly as possible and keep the beneficiary informed of our progress.

Claims Forms.

Please email us at claims@getgreenhouse.com and we will send them to you.

How can I confirm whether I have an Active Policy with Greenhouse?

Please email us at info@getgreenhouse.com

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